Chapter One: The Last Petals

Lily, a true flower child of some sorts, experiences life a little different, since her thirteenth birthday until now (23) she has received bouquets of flowers during the most inopportune times. Every time it is signed, with love, my happiness. Which is what her mother who passed away when she was a child had always called her. She believes they are a cruel joke that plagues her at every turn in her life, but little does she know...

She stripped the rose bouquet of its petals. Ran from her home, down the stairs and to the right, her feet carried her straight to Sandy Rock Pointe. 

Clinging to the last of the velvet red petals, she threw them into the night. The ocean waves carried them back to her, mocking her efforts. Her demons were upon her once again, smiling at another failed attempt

"Why do these flowers haunt me," she interrogated the moon, "why do they persist, why do they follow, and tempt and tease, saying they come with good fortune, but bring me none."

She waited for a response from the darkness. Listening intensely to the lapping of waves, she calls out again. 

"Waves take me with you. Somewhere far away, anywhere far away."

She ran into the water. Pushing against the unforgiving tide, she dove in. Deeply breathing in it's saltiness til her lungs were filled. She closed her eyes and smiled.

The End

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