This is crazy.How could mum do this to me?I know she was talking about moving to get a fresh start.After what happened with dad.But a different country!She has completely lost it this time.She doesn't even think about me.I angrily stamp all the way to the school gates thinking about mum and making a list of  reasons why we shouldn't move.Flora sees me now and skips towards me.I sit her down and take a deep breath after saying hi and what we did at the weekend."Look Flora we've been bff's since nursery.So I need to tell you something,me and mum are moving,I tried to talk her round but she wouldn't listen,"I announce. She doesn't seem at all bothered. "We will still be able to see each other although we can't call each..." I stop her.

"No No No! You don't understand I am moving to SPAIN! I will never ever be able to come back.Mum says we can't, we haven't got the money to.I am so sorry."I explain.She looks at me horrified, now, with tears in her eyes."You can't, you just can't move away.This is bigger then that time you had a MEGA crush on that boy in yr 11,erm...Harry Moreton.I can't believe it.I hate it.Do you even want to go?!

I stare at her, then answer calmly "No of course not,you know I don't want to leave you behind, I hate the idea of it."

"When you going?" She asks sadly,with a  deep sigh.

"Tomorrow morning at 7:25am" I reply.I knew this because as I was walking out the door earlier,before school, I  took a quick glance at the airport times on  sheet of A4 paper on the wooden kitchen table.

For rest of the day,Floss and I sat talking about our best memories we have of each other. The embarrassing  ones,the scary and disgusting ones,but most of all the happy memories.As we hugged each other good bye we promised to each other that we will always always be best friends no matter how far apart we are.And that is where this story really begins


The End

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