I can see the rabbit hole now and ask the fairies to take me back up to the other end.It is still dark in this hole but luckily the fairies have a yellow magical glow so we can all see where we are going.When finally we reach back into my room.I whisper to the fairies "Thank you so much"

"No problem we just wish you can stay" they sigh.

"Tell you what,how about I leave the hole uncovered so I can see you whenever I like, and of course you can come and visit me too."I reply to them. They all nod enthusiastically and wave good bye.Oh no,Mum! She's crying I'd better go and apoligise now.I run in and see mum on the floor crying."Mum,I am so sorry what I said to you.I don't mean it.I just really wnated to call Flors but you're right.I'm not going to die if I don't speak to her right this minute.Please forgive me" I say apoligetically.

"No I  am being silly,you can call Floss tomorrow.Now let's go and get a hot cup of Choclate,eh?" she says soothingly.So with arms linked we go downstairs together.

                                                   THE END

The End

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