Away With The Fairies/Off with your head!

The door is opening.Help! I'm in such big trouble now.The Queen that was shouting earlier is staring out me.But,with luck,she doesn't look angry. She has a long red dress made of silk on.I think it is about 3000m long.She has a little bonent on also red made of soft-looking velvet. Suddenly she says sharply "Who is she? And what is she doing in my castle?!" 

"I,I,I'm Chloe Mellows and I am lost and I was wondering if you could help me find my way home." I say even more politely than I was with the roses.I only think she heard my name and I think she has mistakened me for a compaign.To play Croquet with her.I have no idea how to play nevermind say it!I need to get out of her fast.

"So,I shall show you my most marvellous garden and then after half an hour practising we shall begin the game.Don't mind the fairies,they're harmless," The Queen explains to me.

"Yes of course your highness,"I say with a curtsie "I shall love to see the faries" The garden is huge.The bushes have the shape of the Queen's head on them.Look over there! There are the fairies. All different colours ,playing on Sunflowers and dancing on Lillies. They are about 3cm high.They are a beautiful sight.Twinkling their little dainty wings.Sprinkled with golden fairy dust.The Queen has gone now and has told me I can practise in the garden (Croquet I mean) Great! I can make my escape.But how? The fairies of course.They can take me back to the hole and raise me up to reality. "Err, excuse me, may I ask if you would help me.See I am lost and would like to get back to this rabbit hole somewhere down there (pointing in the distance). That will lead me home.I can't get out of here by myself because one of the queen's guards will catch me." I ask the fairies. Then they whisper amongst themselves.When finally they answer "We would love to help...but on one free us of that evil Queen's spell.How? By saying while we hold you up in the air,I free these fairies from The Red Queen's spell of black magic.It's simple.Deal?.

"Deal,let us go now"I reply quickly. I feel so amazed.The faires are actually lifting me up! It's unimaginable. The Queen has come out now hurryingly and furiously. "Off With Her Head!" she screams but no one except me and the fairies moving.I am hovering in the air now by the fairies power and I say clearly so everyone in Golden Dust Valley can hear "I free these fairies from The Red Queen's spell of black magic" And we are now sailing in the air. Going back to the rabbit hole.

The End

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