I look around, though there is nothing to see as it is quiet and mysteriously dark.Wait a second,I see a light! So I am crawling to the light.I can see!As I get out of that teeniest tiniest hole.As I look around this uknown place I can not believe my eyes. Blue,orange and green roses stand huddled together neatly! "Who's she?I bet she isn't as pretty as I am.Look at her ridiculous petals.HAHA!" says a squeky voice coming from the roses. "Who's there?" I demand.Then more whispering.

"Us of course,stupid!"choros the unusual coloured roses,in unison.I stare astonished."Oh I am terribly sorry I didn't notice you,I don't no where I am.I think I'm lost.Can you tell me  where I am, please?"I ask in my politest tone.So they tell me that I'm in Golden  Dust Valley.I have never heard of it so I say thank you and wander away walking down the dainty weaven path.This has got to be a dream.Birds are grounded here they can't fly.Only Emus,Penguins,Chickens and Ostriches can fly.Really bizarre,  as they are flightless birds.Also there are no humans here apart from me of course.I wish Flora was here to see all this.She'd  laugh her head off if I emailed what is happening.So I'm not going to,she wouldn't believe me anyway.Wow.There is this enormous palace all red with a hideous flag showing this ugly head of a Queen looking so angry and spiteful.Well,as I'm here ,I might as well  go on a little adventure  because I won't be here for  long.That reminds me,I need to make a plan to get out of here.I'll sort that out later.

The End

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