The Moment It Happened

"Mum,can I call Flora please?"I ask mum eagerly.

"No! You only called her last week and it does cost me a great deal you know.What do you think I am a billionaire.Not likely."Mum answers.She is always doing that.Moaning about how much things cost. "But mum you don't know what its like.I feel so lonley without Flora.Just 5 or 10 minutes,please?"I nag.

"I have said no.How many times do I have to say it! Huh? I don't care if you are missing her you pull faces and be mardie all you like you ungrateful child!"

"I HATE YOU!!!" I scream at her.I hate it how she controls my life.I am not  baby.And is it wrong if I want to call my best friend? No.

By now I am turning violet with rage.I stomp all the way to my rabbit hutch of a bedroom ,which makes the whole house shake,and slam the door.I can hear mum crying in her room but only just.I regret screaming at her now.I want to run out and say I'm sorry and give her the biggest hug in the world.But I'm not in the mood,I'm outraged and furious.Tears don't make it better.Tears won't win me over.I bang so loud jumping up and down on thatsame craky and wobboly floorboard.Without warning,I hear a crack.Then the floor board splits and I'm falling and falling through.Like a wild rabbits hole.It feels like its never going to end.I scream in panic and I try to hold on to something but there is nothing to cling onto that will take my weight.It suddenly turns pitch black and the tunnel has ended.Where am I? .......

The End

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