The Grim Move

"This is our street?"I ask mum looking horrified,as the murky removal van is driven down the road and is soon gone out of sight. I stand here staring at this boring ,dull and grey place."Stop looking so gormless Chloe! Help me with these bokes and suitcases into our new house,will you ,we haven't got all day."Mum snaps at me.So ,like  her slave,I carefully lift each heavy box into our stupid new house.All the rooms look so empty,well duh they are going to,but it feels that I shouldn't be here like someone dosen't want us  in the house.

I have chosen light blue for my bedroom colour,although mum insisted on pink (like mothers do).I didn't give up easily and neither did she, but in the end she got bored of arguing  so she gave in.I won. 1-0 to me! But it still dosen't seem clear to me why we had to move to a different country.I miss Flora so badly.I see her going off with someone new and then she forgets about me completley.No,I must not think about it.Let me tell you about the street instead. Our street is called  Sreege De Comp'e.Whatever that means.A grey cold place. Snow quite thick but not deep,as it is January.The house is much weirder.It's not particulary big but it's not tiny.It stands alone tall and mighty.But inside is wonderful and warm.NOT!My bedroom is ok, if you call living in a rabbit hutch spacious and roomy.I can barley breathe.There is an advantage to my room though,it is the only room in the house with a creaky floorboard that can move.It's great fun as there is nothing else to do.(I haven't started school yet)

The End

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