The Floor Boards

                                                         THE BAD NEWS

"Chloe wake up" Mum tells me, her long golden  hair  dangling over my face.I yawn then I turn to her."What is it?" I say impatiently."Well,you know how we have been discussing about getting a new house,  I have actually found one in Spain!"I can't believe my ears as Mum finishes  her sentence. I want to scream but my mouth is dry because my mouth drops open so wide it could fit  a lorry in there!I suddenly start blubbing like a baby.Mum wraps her arms round me but I push her hard.I run into the bathroom and lock the door.After 10 minutes of crying I stop and tell myself not to be so silly,crying, me!? I wipe my watery eyes on my sleeve and wash my face with refreshing,cool water to calm me down."You alright Chlo,I know it must be a bit of a shock but it's a great opportunity for us,"mum rants on.I come out rushing around getting dressed (ignoring my selfish mother) brushing my hair and all sorts.I slam the door while mum is in mid-sentence and head for school to tell my friends the bad news.


The End

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