Part 2

I was correct. I woke up and it was sunny outside. I flipped out of my bed and checked the time. Eleven o' clock!? After I had dinner with Maria, I had to go back to work and work till twelve. I quickly got dressed, grabbed a piece of toast my father got ready for me on a plate, and barged out. "See you later, Dad!" I shouted before I closed the door.

Everyone was outside. Children were giggling and adults were walking with smiles on their faces. It felt great to have the sun beating down on you after many rainy days. Now, I wonder where Maria was. She should be already out walking about. "Oh! Maria!!" I shouted while waving at her. She looked up and waved back with a small grin. I walked towards her happily. "Told you it was going to be sunny!"

"Yeah, but it'll rain again tomorrow," she said. She went back to have an expressionless face again.

"At least you can walk outside," I said trying to cheer her up. "You always stay indoors and that's not good for you!"

"I can walk anytime I want," Maria stated. "It doesn't need to be a sunny day. It's just better if it was not raining."

I looked around and sighed. "Let's just make the best of it. I bet you want to see what's new before the rain starts drizzling."

Maria nodded, and started walking towards the marketplace. "Hurry up, you're going to be helping me on this."

The marketplace and lively and ranged from little trinkets to antique items. Maria stared straight down the road instead of looking at the booths. If she did see someone that piqued her interest, she would glance at it, and then look straight back down the road. "What are you wanting to get anyways?" I asked.

"Books," she said simply. "Maybe also a music box."

"A music box?"

"It's too quiet in the house. A little music box will do," Maria stated.

"You can listen to the drops of rain, they are very soothing," I said slightly smiling.

"No because then there will be thunder," Maria said. Her voice trembled a bit.

"Well I guess you would get more sick if you were to go outside in the rain," I said a bit annoyed. "You don't seem lively as usual also."

"Because this is boring."

"Hey look, Maria!" I grabbed her arm. "Don't take this for granted! You know how rare sunny days are! And this is the only time we can actually have a whole day together!"

Maria pulled away her hand and glared at me. "I'm not sick!" she shouted angrily.

I was about to ask what she meant by that, but a loud crack of thunder was heard far away. People looked up for awhile and started heading back home. The people working at the booths were slowly packing up. I looked around and I didn't see Maria anywhere. "Maria!!" I shouted.

I looked down and saw her crouching on the paved road. She was covering her head, shaking and tembling. "Are you afraid o---"

"Don't say it!" Maria interrupted me. She sounded like she was about to cry. "I want to go back home now!!"

I held out my hand and we quickly walked back to her house. The sunny day ended with rain pouring after she got back in her home.

The End

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