The kid was fast, I gave him that much. No matter how hard we pushed, he always stayed out of range, although not out of sight. It was the dirty-haired, green-eyed lad I had seen in the camp. I set my mouth and pushed forward harder. Talon was on the trail next to me. We were determined to get the kid before he could escape. He was headed to one of the big port towns, territory I was not comfortable being in.

The terrain changed from forest into scrub land as we neared the coast. We became increasingly antsy as a walled city loomed into view.

"He's going to try and lose us in there." I called to Talon as we ran across the scrub. "We have to stop him getting in there."

"He's still out of reach." Talon replied. "And I see guards on the walls, this is a Freedom Fighter city."

The ground began sloping down into a rocky cove. While the sea was still tinged grey, the sky was a brilliant blue. It was a warm summer day. Nestled into the cove was the city, sprawling and crawling with Freedom Fighters. We watched as he ran up to the gates and was let in. We followed him, dodging the guards' questions and tried to catch up, finally cornering him in an alley.

"You!" I yelled. "You hurt Alex.."

He grinned. "I was trying to get away. He got in the way. And then you chased me."

Slowly he drew a sword, behind me, Talon did the same. I drew my bow.

"Try it." I muttered. "Just try it."

His eyes flicked to one side and he grinned again. "Maybe another time." He replied and leaped to one side, finding handholds in the building next to him. He began to climb. I fired a single arrow at him and hit his foot. He cried out in pain, falling back into the dust.

"Who are you." I said roughly, kicking him where I had hit him. He yelled again, curling up in pain. Before anyone else could speak, Talon yelled behind me.

"Leave him and your friend lives." Growled a vioce from behind. A thickset, grizzled man, covered in scars held a sword against Talon's throat. I went cold.

"Don't hurt him." I replied, raising my bow.

"Give me the lad." He repeated in a gruff tone.

"Take him." I said, hauling the kid up, ignoring his protestations. Privately, I memorised the bear-like man's face and features. I was already planning how to track him.

The man threw Talon at me, picking up the boy and running off. Talon rubbed his neck.

"Thanks Aimee." He said quietly. "You get a good look?"

I winked " 'Course. You okay?"

He nodded "Lets go hunt."

The End

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