The Flip Of The CoinMature

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Call me cruel, but there is nothing more satisfying than knowing your arrows are flying true. The heretic terrorist on the receiving end of my shot never even knew I was there. What can I say? Hunting is what I do and at 17, I'm the best there is. I know its unusual to have a girl so high up in the ranks but I'm good. They couldn't ignore me. I joined the people in power when I was 10; and they started training me as soon as I joined. In 7 years I rose rapidly in the Assasin class and I was now both a teacher and the most active Hunter in my class. No other woman had been so far, and no one so young either. I just attributed my talent to the Gods, as I was told that must be the reason. Either way, I was glad I was so good. Else, I would be oppressed along with all the others who were of no use to the Group. And that was an exsistence no one wanted to suffer.

The End

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