A few notes, before combat.

Preparing a ship for flight is not nearly as easy as most people who merely travel in them think it is. Several thousand tons of metal and glass does not leave the atmosphere without a lot of kick behind it, and a lot of kick comes at a high price. Especially is said kick is provided by one of the most powerful and volatile substances know to civilisation. Thus, when Silas ordered his men to prep for lift-off fast they was an entirely understandable bout of chaos. Corridors filled with marines struggling to run whilst strapping themselves into armour; technicians shouting figures to one an other and randomly stopping at control pannels to tweak switches and dials; and hundreds of crewmen rushing to gunports, ammo dumps and medical bays. Outside the ship, the huge grav-cranes carrying the anti-matter cases hummed loudly as they doubled the speed at which they carted the precious fuel. In the cockpit, the flighcrew yelled at eachother as each of the ship's systems came buzzing to life and the engines were warmed. In the engineroom itself, the fuel controller stood by the huge magno-pipes that fed the anti-matter into the ignition chambers and quadruple checked that everything was safe and running properly, whilst the engineers tinkered around making last minute checks and adjustments to every piece of machinery.

By the time Silas arrived in Raev's hovercar, the ship was only waiting for his hand at the helm. He ran at full speed through the bustling corridors to the lift bank, and was soon speeding through the internal structure of the ship towards the central control suite. As the metal box whizzed through the ship, Silas felt the familiar jolt and buzz as the ship's ion shields turned on. The door of box opened, and an ensign handed him his coat, specially designed to function as heavy armour whilst maintaining fluidity and adaptability, and his face mask, a clear helmet, that allowed completely free vision, whilst also providing a HUD display to aid in combat. Putting these on, Silas headed over to the captain's chair and sat down, grabbing a mike that hung above his head, he tapped it twice, then held it to his mouth.

"This is your captain speaking. The enemy is sitting up there just asking to have the crap kicked out of him. Let's not keep him waiting."

The ship's engines finally fired up, sending shockwaves across all the decks, and the Silver Orchid climbed, slowly at first, then gathering speed as she shook free of gravity's pull and flung herself into the void.
Which, by now, was filled with hundreds of ships, all doing their very best to destroy each other.

The End

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