The Situation on the Ground

Silas walked down the docking ramp and through the customs barrier as fast as he could manage, which was supprisingly fast, govenment employees were able to fast-track though many areas of customs. Raev was waiting in the arrivals lounge with a large, reinforced briefcase lying beside him.

'Hello again Silas!' He cried as the technoid walked up to him, 'So good to see you in person! It has been a while.' He stood up and threw an arm over Silas' shoulder.

'Good to see you again too Ray.' replied Silas, accepting his friend's embrace, whilst one of him mechanical arms grabbed the case off the seat next to him. 'This the pay?' he asked, flicking at the lock on the top of the metal-lined box as he and the sergeant walked towards the door. 'Nah, your money's going in electronically, this here's the official defence plans in the case of an Imp assault.'

As soon as he uttered these words, five of the people who had been, up to this point, sitting in the lounge quietly reading papers, leapt up, pulling guns out of various cases and pockets. However, before any of them could fire a shot, there were five lound reports from the pair walking out of the building: Slias was now holding a gun in three one of his four hands, and the fourth had transformed into its pistol mode. Raev had pulled a assault rifle from an almost invisible pack on his back. All five barrels were smoking.

'Nice shooting, Silas.' The sergeant remarked calmly. 'Likewise, Ray.' Silas replied, 'Although I wouldn't have though that a BullKick would be necessary.' 'Neither did I,' Raev replied, slotting the weapon back into it's holster, 'but I couldn't let Jessy miss out on the fun.' Silas laughed lightly at this,'You still carrying that old girl around? Haven't you been issued a replacement yet?' 'Well, they've tried to get me a new one.' Raev admitted, 'But Jessy's still got a good few years left in her, and she's still got those little upgrades that you gave her, which means I can easily outgun all of the newer models.'

Silas, now convinced that there was no further danger, re-holstered his own weapons in their concealed holsters at his side. He and the sergeant were, by now, outside the lounge, which was now full of police and SWAT teams, jostling each other for space and evidence. They were walking towards the parking lots, Silas taking in the scenery of the city, which, in defiance of the wasteland outside it's walls, was a beautiful place, filled with trees and birds and flowers.

Raev led Silas towards a very expensive looking hover vehicle, completely black in colour ,and incredibly beautiful. Silas wistled quietly, 'That's quite a car.' he breathed. Raev ginned widely, 'Thought you would like it.' He said, 'Being a sergeant major has a few unforseen, but in no way unwelcome, bonuses.' 'It's almost enough to make one want to join the forces.' Said Silas quietly. 'Hah, don't talk like that Silas, we need you mercs.' Laughed the sergeant, 'Besides, you would never enjoy the order of regimental life, chaos is your forte. Now, hop in, we're gonna hit a canteena. I'm in need of a driking buddy.'

The End

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