Chapter Five - Decay.1Mature

          "Oh Sarah, my Queen. You look divine this night. Come, let us leave these heavy crowns and dance away the night, my love." 

          The creaking of a door, soft footsteps on the ground, getting closer. "Wha...?" An intruder. The Royal Chambers should be locked, hadn't his door been locked? Yet no guard or lock had barred the criminal from his bedside.

           The pavilion was an immensity of elegant drapery, filled with lavish cushions and peacock-nobles. Endless chandeliers and tapers filled the tent with a stuffy heat, the Rhygarean King could hardly breathe. He turned and beheld the emerald eyes of his Queen, how the candleflames danced in those green seas, a hook in his soul. Taking hold of her wrist, he rose and led her out from the pavilion under a starry sky.


          "No, my King," an aged voice from somewhere beyond his world. "Only your humble servant."

          Flowing silver hair hung in curls around her face. It looked much better without a tiara, drinking the light of the moon. Her gown was jet, subtly fringed with silver lace. What had he done to deserve such austere beauty? Wrapping his arms gently around her waist, he held his Queen and together they swayed and spun to the music of the Royal Symphonia. 

          Light. Blinding light. He tried to shield his eyes but his arms were so heavy, so heavy. A cold, clammy hand groping his forehead. He groggily tried to jerk away. "You...dare? I...I am your...I am your Ki-" a violent fit of coughing broke his ragged speech. 

          "Please hold still, Your Grace" grace grace grace grace echoed to infinity. "Sarah, my love."

          Something touched his dried lower lip. A bitter taste, vile liquid pouring into his mouth and dribbling down his chin. He tried to turn his head away, but his body failed him. King Rhygaros meekly drank the poison as the Royal Chambers faded into oblivion. 

The End

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