Chapter Two - Secrets.4Mature

          "You know, Weldyn, Ruin has not been drawn for four hundred and some odd years. You will be the first to feel its bite. Not the last. Does the Persh bloodline have aught to say before it is erased from earth?"

          Weldyn struggled back to a kneel. His head was throbbing, and even facing his death his stomach twisted and screamed for want of food. At least his obsidian kiss will cease my hunger. These savage beasts will never have that gift. He struggled to his feet. The Hounds snarled and tugged at their chained restraints, yet the Seven were implacable. Haggard and soaked through the bones, Weldyn Persh spoke his eulogy.

          "I will make no strike, my cause is damned. Somehow you lead these men of Justice, though justice this is not. You are no lord, Rhygaros. You may conquer lands and pillage islands not yet mapped by quill of man, yet you are just as forlorn as I. You counted nine skulls in those charred remains, expecting ten. You counted ni-"

          A deft sweep of night beheaded the traitorous Confidant. 

The End

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