Chapter Two - Secrets.3Mature

          "Tsk tsk tsk," Rhygaros chided. "Tell me, my good man, did you really think to escape something so constant?" he gestured to the Seven. "Look how they move Weldyn!" he laughed, "by the gods, they are of one mind. Now do you see how far you've fallen? Once beloved of my father, he named you Confidant and for what? Your family's heads ornament my castle gates, I had their bones buried within latrine pits. You are the last of your line and here you kneel before the Lord in a pitiful, ragged disgrace," he sighed, almost bored. "If only you had learned to kneel before." 

          The young prince placed an artful boot on Weldyn's chest and kicked him to his back. Weldyn said nothing. I will not beg. I will not let this arrogant, self-important boy think he's broken me with his preternatural playthings. How is fate so cruel, that such power would come to such a fool?

          "There, now. Much more compliant, my good man. Tell me, are there nursemaiden's in these cursed woods? How have you learned such manners in so short a time?" His green eyes smiled as he drew forth Ruin. Long and slender, the black blade beheld no decorum save for Rhygaros engraved along the flat. It seemed to fade with the darkness, faint outline subtly revealed by the peeking moon and streaking beads of rain down the obsidian namesword. 

          "I do you too much honor, worthless piece of shit," Rhygaros kicked the fallen man's ribs with a steel toe of gemmed boot. Bones cracked. Weldyn opened his eyes, shuddering and retching with each desperate inhalation. He beheld the ancient sword hovering before his throat.

          Ruin had been passed down the Rhygaros line for millennia, dating back to the birth of written word. Few families still retained nameblades, and of those who did, Ruin was by far the eldest. Some claimed it was forged during the first night, when all was black and moonless and starless. The smiths of old had joined with gods to strip the pitch of sky and weld a blade of purest night, unveiling stars and moon in the process. Ruin could split the heavens itself, the stories told. 

The End

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