seeing everyone get alongMature

we all had breakast as usual today but there was no distractions which i was pleased about and simon and the others were talking i was so happy and seeing as it was our anniversary of when we first became a pack i booked a night club for us with drinks and a buffet. so i told the others to get showered and dressd up smart they didn't ingnore me and i went to get ready myself and we went into the limo and we sped of to the nighclub when we arrived the others looked puzzled and we went in and then everyone we knew jumped out and we all danced on the dance floor together in our own little group then we got drunk and stumbled home with no clue if what we was doing. we managed to sleep it off and we got up late the next morning with huge hangovers and everyone was shouting and we shushed them by knocking them out. then sam told me for knocking them out but secretly he was glad i did it so i just laughed and walked away. simon followed us and we all went home and had a nice cup of tea and we watched a film with some popcorn and we enjoyed it then we went and met with our agent he was apalled at our behaviour and we told him why then he grinned and congratulated us really loudly and we groaned and he laughed at us because we was hung over. we went home and slept of the hsngover as well. i woke up nearly 24 hours later and we was still hung over we now realised why we never went out a lot because we took so long to recover from the drink and the hangovers.

The End

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