the case of the zombiesMature

it was early morning and we was having breakfast including simon and i had a vision of someone being slaughtered by zombies so i prepared for the fight and then there was a knock at the door it was the zombies and i answered it and we started shooting instantly and we managed to kill them all we was so glad that the city was back to normal so we celebrated with a barbeque full of cooked steaks we enjoyed that it was a change from blood sam loved so did simon i was just tired so sam suggested that everyone go to bed so we did willingly as we was all very tired so we went to sleep and in the middle of the night i was woken up by a loud howling so i got dressed and i went to meet ariel still half asleep he wanted me to accompany him to the morgue to see his son i asked whether he could have waited till morning but he said it was an emergency so i went with him snd he cried and i comforted him then he told me to go back to bed so i did and i was asleep within seconds and then sam joined me as well cuddling me. sam woke us all up in the morning and cooked us breakfast simon wasn't definitly used to living like this i laughed at simon and he scowled at me and that made me laugh harder, i rushed outside and hid in the bush whilst still laughing i ended up being sick from laughing too much. i came back in and then simon said that he forgave me and i apologised for laughing at him. we went for a pizza then and talked about our pasts

The End

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