meeting a young vampireMature

that morning i was out walking just of to meet ariel and his pack. suddenly a young boy stepped out from the shadows and i looked at him shocked he stared at me and i knew that he knew what i was, the boy simon asked me everything and i told him then he asked me to help him with another boy who was killing people and i agreed he was suprised and i told him about saving the innocent and he said that was okay. we walked back together and sam asked me about the situation and i explained to sam in a fast and loud voice, simon couldn't understand it and sam explained to simon about being a vampire as well and how fast we could talk. i was out the back working on the laptop and watching the others train when simon came out and asked me something impossible, he asked me to change him onto one of us i thought about it and in the end i agreed to change. so we went to my room and i changed him sam came in and i told him about the other boy and he took care of it whilst i watched over simon. two days later and simon woke up sam said i couldn't have done it better and i took simon on a hunting trip where he soon discovered his powers.simon was so excited about it. i helped sam then i came back and trained simon he listened intently and then sam took over while i went out on a duty call, i brought the guy back as it was my brother and simon watched me heal him and looked shocked. i smiled at simon and my brother told me about a new case and i listened to him and agreed to do it.

The End

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