a mate back from the deadMature

we was having breakfast that morning and suddenly jimmy came in we was so shocked and he came towards us with a knife and we was so scared we ran out of the house and ran towards the church where we would be safe and there was a service going on we stared at them and then the dead mate ran in and we ran out, the priest followed us and we shot the dead guy until he was properly dead then we burnt his bones. we came back very badly shaken from the situation and we had some tea then went to bed and i had nightmares of the ordeal which we had gone through today. sam came in and looked scared he asked if he could sleep in my room tonight and i agreed to that and he crawled into my bed and we cuddled with each other and we drifted off together. i woke up in the morning and sam got up with me and we woke the others up and sam cooked us breakfast i scowled at him and he grinned at me in response and i saw something which was a deformed ceature it was horrible and i told sam but he had already seen so had the others and we went to see this and we explained to him the fact he had to live as what he was and he should continue living life to the full and he went off and we went home to watch a film and have some popcorn with the film and we got sleepy and went to bed after the film as we was so tired sam wanted to go to bed with me so i agreed and he crawled into bed with me and we went to sleep.

The End

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