someone messing with our visionsMature

we got up that morning and we had some breakfast and we all had visions of someone dying and we had them at the same time which was unusual as we had them only seconds after each other. i knew someone was messing with our visions i could feel it was real and i told the others and they were shocked and we decided to go and find the guy so i had another vision of where he was so we changed into our wolf forms and ran after him as he was just outside the door he ran fast but we soon caught up with him and we killed him and then we knew our visions were back to normal and we came back home. i was just reading a magazine when there was a knock on the door it was my brother he asked us to help him get some blood so we took him to our private blood bank and gave him some. he went home and we stayed and ordered some more blood. when we got back my mates knocked on the door and stayed for tea and we chatted for a bit with our mates then they went home and we went to bed. sam woke me up early again saying that there was someone on the phone for me and i went and took it off him it was my brother he wanted to know what my other brother had wanted and i told him about the case and he just left it then we went back to bed as it was 1am and we was very tired from getting woken up this early. sam woke me up at what seemed only minutes later and i was very groggy and slapped sam round the head.

The End

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