what's in the basementMature

we got to the basement and i went first the rest followed, i raised my bat and i just stood there staring speechless for what i saw, the others came and stopped in their tracks we saw our old mates again and asked them what they were doing in our basement and they told us about how they were moving here we was a little suprised and we showed them a mansion we had prepared for them, they were so pleased and asked how we knew that they were going to come here and we told them about the premonitions we all had and they laughed. then i had a vision and they caught me as i fainted then sam and paul and jacob fainted as well,  we all linked hands and saw someone getting killed by one of our kind. then we came back and sam prepared me and i wnt off. i came back an hour later and we celebrated saving a life. then we went to bed as it was late. in the morning sam woke me and we had some breakfast then we helped our mates move in and we spent half the day doing that. i had a call of my brothers telling us to get to theirs and quick so we did and saw my brother writhing in agony and the attacker just ran out of the house i went to go after him but sam held me back and sam went instead. i healed my brother then left to let him rest. we came home to find our agent waiting for us he praised us on the great job with the police and then just left we looked out after him surprised he didn't want something we thought it was suspicious and we didn't like it

The End

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