meeting satanMature

that morning we was just having breakfast when there was a pounding on the door sam went to answer to answer it shirtless as well i was so embarrassed about it. at the door was the devil and he stormed in telling us about a case of his we told him that we didn't work for bad people. so he left and we went and got changed for the day, we got a call of the devil and in the end we decided to help him and we did the job he praised us and we came home then he left us alone. we got another call off our agent telling us of a brand new case just opened up and the police wanted us to help so we agreed and we went to the police and they told us about the creature we was dealing with and pointed to it we cracked our knuckles and went off to fight it, the police was shocked we was so relaxed about it we laughed at that. we killed the creature and we was all over the papers in town. we came back and had to run from a mob of reporters we locked the door. then my brothers knocked on the door and we answered the door quickly and then locked it again they asked what had happened and we told them about the police case and how it got all over the papers they were so shocked. we laughed at that and i made everyone a cup of tea but then there was a banging around in the basement and we was pretty scared and i looked at the others we left it but this time it was constant banging around, sam handed me a baseball bat and we descended to the basement.

The End

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