sam in hospitalMature

i woke up that morning to go and wake sam up but he wasn't there so i woke the others up and told them about sam and we was just going out to find sam when the police knocked on the door we all looked at one another scared as they told us about how sam went out last night and how someone punched him in the head and was knocked unconcious, the police took us all to the hospital. when we got there we rushed straight in and to his bedside. i sat there crying and sam touched my arm i looked up and his eyes opened slowly and he looked at me i was so glad he was awake. i touched his arm and he told me what had happened in his head and i understood we told him that we was going home and that we was coming back tomorrow he said he would call for me tomorrow when he was awake or when he needed help. we came home and went to bed as it was late. i got woken up by a knock on the door the next morning and i went to answer it, it was the police they were bringing sam home as he was better now. i took sam inside layed him on the sofa and then i thanked the police then went and saw to sam he was still in a state and i cleaned him up then i gave him something to eat and drink. jacob watched over sam while i went grocery shopping i came back to find the paramedics there and i asked them what was wrong with sam and they told me about how he broke his ribs in the fight and they were just taping them up.

The End

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