a creature in our placeMature

we all got back that morning and the people we traveled with said goodbye and that we would keep in touch. that was when we noticed that our place was trashed and sitting in the middle of the mess was a creature that we knew my brother actually. i stormed in and demanded to know what he was doing and he said that he was looking for me but had got angry as i wasn't here. i forgave him and tidied the place up my brother helped me and we sat down afterwards talking about how to control his temper. then sam came back and my brother left. sam cuddled me and we decided to go out to dinner tonight. i was getting ready when i had vision of someone attacking us at the restaurant so i rushed in to see sam not bothering that he was shirtless and told hum all about the vision and he says he knew as he saw it to, i was so suprised that he had had his first premonition i nearly fainted. he didn't think it was a suprise then paul came and said he had just had his first vision as well so we were all even now and we still managed to get ready. we got picked up by the limo and we went to the restaurant and we then had a nice walk in the park when we saw the creature that was going to attack us and i blew him up and then i figured that was another new power that i had which i had not been expecting sam was suprised as well and we went home to tell the others about it and they were as suprised as sam was and told me to  be careful i said i would be.

The End

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