an old mate is in townMature

we was having breakfast that morning which was eggs and toast with orange juice when there was a pounding on the door sam answered it and i heard a familiar voice at the door jacob stared at me and i smiled back they came in and we hugged there was a few people with him he explained why he was here and asked us to go on a journey with him to get rid of something we agreed and then  we packed everything we needed and a lot of food as well. we traveled for the next few weeks over mountains and in the snow at a place far away from where we lived. we stopped for a bit of food and rested for the night me and my old mate stayed up and watched over the others talking about what had happened since we had left each other a while back. we woke the others up pretty early and while everyone had breakast i ran around the mountain a few times warming up then i came back and we set off again me and sam and my old mate led the way. it was a hot day so most of our pack had their shirts off and i was dressed in light clothing. we arrived at the place and destroyed the necklace in the fire and went before it exploded we came back the way we had come and it was hard as it had suddenly turned very windy. we stopped for a rest and some dinner and was talking again, it was nightime now and we stopped for a sleep. i watched over my mate as he slept and sam watched over everyone else. we woke them up in the morning and we arrived back at the city.

The End

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