saving arielMature

i was back home and was just having breakfast when my cell phone went off sam looked at me arching one eyebrow i answered it and it was member of the other pack saying ariel was gone and that he hadn't been back all night. so i told sam and the others about this and we drove down to meet the pack. i introduced them to the others and we went into the woods and i saw what had happened and who had taken him, i told this to the others and we went to the place where ariel was. we saw him and rescued him from the dark place and brought him back to his pack where his mates took care of him. we went home and had a shower before putting a film in and ordering a chinese. it was a fun night and we was sat in front of the tele when there was aknock on the door. it was my brother and i let him in and asked what had happened as he was covered in blood and he told me about our other brother hitting him because he thought that my first brother had murderd someone. i went to see our other brother and told him off for thinking of that. i came home and we all went to bed as it was late. the next morning sam woke me up by blowing a foghorn in my ear and then he went and did the same to the others. i chucked a pillow at his head and then went back to sleep but it wasn't long before sam came in again and shook me awake this time. so i got up and he made us all breakfast while we went and got dessed for the day.

The End

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