running with the packMature

i arrived at the woods and the leader ariel was there to meet me so we shook hands and he led the way to a meeting where we said a speech about how it was time we hunted so after the speech we heard some music and i saw some deer and i changed into a pure white wolf and ran towards the deer at full speed captured it and then drank the blood. my teamates and i said goodbye then i went home and sam asked where i had been and i told him about the pack meeting and what we did he cuddled me and we agreed to go hunting again tonight but just the two of us i was excited. that night we went out hunting and caught some mountain lion then we decided to go to alaska for a trip on our own and we went back and told jacob and paul then we packed and left for alaska using my car as we sped down the highway we talked about things that we thought was going to happen in the future. we reached alaska in the early hours the next morning and we went to our house and unpacked our things. after that we went to eat in the most expensive restaurant there was and we went to bed late that night as we went for a walk in the lovely snowy woods it was beautiful we really enjoyed it. we woke up the next morning and sam cooked us both breakfast we then went for another walk in the woods. we met a few friends there and we spent the day with them and had a lot of fun. me and sam then brought two real wolf puppies as our other ones had died.

The End

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