getting a suspicious callMature

we had breakfast that morning and it was nice because sam made it for us so we enjoyed it. then as we was getting ready to go grocery shopping sam got a suspicious call and i had a bad feeling about this call. sam said it was a guy who wanted sam to help so sam went to the guy. then we saw that sam had been taken by the guy to a unfamiliar place, so we decided to go and check it out but me and jacob couldn't see what was happening so we had to be careful. we got to the place where he was holding sam and we saw sam but not that clearly as the place was surrounded by evil we saved sam and went back home where sam slept in my bed. i made everyone some tea that afternoon and then i went to see my brother at his house where he told me about a problem he had and i helped him with his problem then i went home to see how sam was. sam was better and told me about a new creature in the city one we had never dealt with before so i prepared with our best weapons and went off to fight this creature i came back an hour later covered in blood and i took a shower then noticed some strange marks on my arm and knew that soon i would be changing into a wolf and run with another pack. so i took some spare clothes and drove off in the car sam ran outside and called after me but i was already speeding off and i threw an apologetic look at sam on the way past. i drove for a while then looked for the woods at the side of the road.

The End

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