sam needs trainingMature

that morning sam woke me up as usual and asked me to teach him training and how to use his powers so we had some breakfast, sam was bouncing up and down in his seat and then i went to take a shower then i taught sam we practised powers and speed and then we took a break. jacob and paul came in to find us practising in the backyard and laughed when sam practised the lightning power as he looked silly. we stopped after that and we had some tea and then took a shower. we got a call that night about a guy who was murdering loads of single guys in the city and we rushed off to confront this guy. when we got there he realised who we was and charged at us we dodged him and i stabbed him in the back and the team took the body away so we went home and had a good nights sleep. in the morning i was woken up by jacob rather than sam and then i woke sam up and we all woke paul up together by splashing him with cold water he wasn't too pleased with us. sam made us breakfast that morning we really enjoyed it as sam was a great cook. we got a call of our agent telling us about an unusual case in ibiza so we went to ibiza and did the case and also got blood splattered on our faces so we went and cleaned up and went home to go back to our usual cases of terrifying monsters. sam hugged me and said he was glad to have known me and i asked him what was wrong he told me about the vision that jacob had had of him i was shocked.

The End

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