jacob's first premonitionMature

me and sam was just having breakfast when jacob came up complaining of a headache, then he said he saw sam chained up again by some stranger we was just so suprised to see that jacob had his first premonition, then i saw what jacob had seen and instinctive took over and i prepared to save sam's life again. i started practicing my powers and got sam and the others ready. the stranger didn't come though so we went to bed. in the morning my alarm clock woke me up. i was suprised sam didn't wake me that was then that i realised that something was seriously wrong. i hurried into jacob and paul's room, told them what happened and me and jacob saw what had happened. we called our agent letting him know where was then set off to save sam. we arrived at the scene where we saw sam and i snuck in, went to sam's cell he looked pleased to see me so i got him out of there and me and jacob took sam home we was so relieved to have sam back home safely. the next morning i phoned my dad who was a doctor about what's been happening these past few weeks and asked him for some advice. he said i should kill whoever was trying to kill sam. so  i researched who it was and went to see the guy then beat him up. then everything was finally back to normal so we decided to celebrate that with a barbeque and a lot of alcohol which we slept off. we got up in the morning and i made breakfast, sam said it was good and i scowled at him then we went to get dressed and went for a shower as well as we was filthy.

The End

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