trouble at the clubMature

that morning we was having when sam suggested we go out clubbing that night so we answered our calls then we started to get ready. we had showers then i was just drying my hair when sam knocked on the door he wanted me to accompany him to the club tonight as everyone else had a date. i agreed to that and he left me to get ready. i put on my dress and my high heels on then put some make-up on and went to check on everyone then i called for our limo and we went to the club in the city and we were just dancing when we heard the voices of the bouncers and went to check it out. there was a group of monsters there we saw them and they saw us. i growled at them and then charged they tried to stop us and we killed the lot of them. then we left the club and went home complaining about the messy job we just did and wasn't very happy about it. we got back to the house to find a stranger sitting on our couch we asked what he was doing there and he told us about our agent sending him to tell us he was taking a break we was so annoyed that he didn't tell us by phone. we then sent the guy away and went to bed. sam knocked on the bedroom door and asked if he could sleep in my room tonight i agreed to it and sam climbed into the spare bed opposite. the next morning sam woke everyone up as always he woke me up by shaking me awake. i slapped him round the head for it before making breakfast for everyone they were annoyed with sam.

The End

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