sam missingMature

 i woke up in the morning to find sam's bed empty and that it had not been slept on and i had a premonition about sam being taken to a abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city so i phoned jacob and paul who were out they came back and asked what was wrong i told them about sam and we called our agent told him about sam and he said to meet us at the site. we met him at the site and saw the guards with sam lightly breathing chained to a wall his face full of blood with cuts all down his arms and legs. so paul and jacob knocked the guards out and i went into sam's cell and took the chains off him and then we took him home where i cleaned his cuts and healed them with my powers. sam was grateful when he could speak again so i decided to watch over him while he slept he was so sweet. the next morning sam woke us all up with the loud foghorn in our ears i was so mad but sam made up for it with breakfast. that day our agent called saying he had a case for us so we went to see him and he told us about this case so we solved then went home and sat watching a film called the sleepy hollow. we enjoyed the film then we went to bed as it was late. the next morning we had breakfast and then waited for a important call about someone who might be my brother. we got that call and it was true he was my brother so we went to meet him and he looked exactly like me so everyone said. i asked to meet me later.

The End

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