jacob and paul missingMature

me and sam woke up together in the and went to wake up jacob, we went to his room and saw that his bed was empty and we couldn't make heads or tails of it so we went to paul's room and his bed was empty as well. me and sam went back into jacobs room and i felt on the sheets and i had a vision of some cop who had taken paul and jacob to a dungeon in a castle, he had chained them up and wasn't giving them any food or water and they were just about breathing. we went in the limo and went to this castle i couldn't see it very well because it was non holy ground. we got there and i took sam to the dungeons which were very deep inside the castle there we saw paul and jacob, we knocked the guards out and untied them then we rushed home gave them a massive meal and some water. they told us what it was like we was so scared that they were going to die so i phoned up my agent and asked him about this copper and he said he would get some information on him so all we could do was wait. our agent came by and asked what was wrong we told him what had happened he gave us the information and we was counting stuff and working stuff out. we went to find the cop and then we killed him, well sam killed as he was so angry about what the cop did to our family i helped sam in killing the cop. we went home and had some tea then we watched a movie with some popcorn and then we went and got changed and went to bed.

The End

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