a close deathMature

this morning we was just having some toast for breakfast chatting about some business we had just taken care of when there was a sudden pounding on the front door we looked at each other suprised as no-one ever knocked on the door that early and the fact that i had a bad feeling about this. sam went to answer the door and my personal policeman was standing there and we asked what was wrong and he said that david, mark, rose, jimmy and lisa were dead i stopped breathing and then we all broke down i started crying and we all hugged each other. eventually we asked how they had died and the policeman said that they had been murdered by a serial killer i was so angry that i took a step forward towards the door but sam caught my waist and held me back and told me that the police would get this guy so i relaxed and started preparing the funerals. the next day we went to the funerals and it was so sad we cried a lot. that night the killer was caught and we went to see him in prison and we killed him in the cell and left him there. the next day the police found the guy dead in his cell and read our message then smiled to themselves as they didn't have to look after another prisoner in a cell. we was glad when we got the news as we thought we was in trouble for killing the guy. it was so nice so we decided to take a break for a while and then we went to bed and had a decents nights sleep for a change and sam slept with me this night it was so peaceful that night.

The End

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