trouble at a weddingMature

that day we got news that jimmy and lisa were getting married in a few hours so we went over there to help them with the final preparations on their outfits and the decorations. i added a few sparkling touches to lisa's wedding dress and redid the decorations so that they were gold and sparkly then we went to get changed ourselves into the wedding clothes. then i did lisa's make-up. after that we went to the alter and stood waiting for them, jimmy came first and then lisa came looking a million dollars. they had just got to saying their vows when a giant group of shapeshifters came and pulled their guns out we knew this  was going to happen as i forsaw it this morning just before the wedding. we pulled out our swords and then killed the group and got the clean-up team out they cleaned up the bodies and the wedding continued then we had the perfect wedding ceromony it was so cute everyone had a great time, it was so nice we all went home drunk that night and we went to sleep off the booze and i heard someone snoring again and this time i realised it was sam i could hear and i just fell asleep. sam woke us up the next morning with the usual way playing loud music in the living room. i got up and rubbed my eyes then went into the living room and scowled at sam and he kissed him me with a cheerful good morning then he cooked us all breakfast which was nice although i pacifically asked him not to wake me up early not that he ever listens to e either way. then we went grocery shopping together while the others went out on business.

The End

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