the police have come for sam againMature

that morning we was just having some breakfast when the police knocked the door down and pointed their guns at sam and we all looked at the police and i heard what they were thinking and so did the rest of us and we all snarled, the police heard this and turned to look at us instead we were still snarling at i shifted into a crouch so did the others, sam looked at us still on the floor with tears dripping from the corner of his eyes i smiled at him then the police turned back to sam and we turned in that direction again and we all leapt on the police and bit their necks killing them and i made sure sam was okay. sam was in a state so i cleaned his wounds and then cooked him some tea and then made the rest of us some tea. we was all very weak so i suggested we go hunt later that night sam agreed. later that night when it was dark we snuck to the closest animal park and hunted a few sheep and then we went home and got some rest so we would be stronger the next day. the next morning we had some breakfast and found that we was very strong as i managed to break a mug with my bare hands sam could do a million things at once and jacob and paul could breathe fire. we was a bit surprised at that fact but we learnt to control it like i do with my powers that i recieve. sam was definitly scared though you could tell from the fear in his eyes. i just laughed at sam he scowled at me which made me laugh even harder at that point it was funny though.

The End

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