having a bad premonitionMature

this morning i had some breakfast with the others when suddenly i had a vision about a load of people dying it was horrible i told the others and sam suggested wego and help them before they actually died so we prepared our weapons and got changed into something skin tight. then we began the long journey to the capital of greece where the people were. we had to travel on two flights and then a cab to the city centre so it was a long couple of days for us but when we got we saw what was happening and we went to stop them. i was fighting two of the creatures with my sword and i chopped them both in half then axed their heads off before i was taken up with loads of them so everyone joined me and we fought them together and we got covered in blood. then we got our clean-up team to come and clean the bodies away and we went back home in time to have a nice rest before getting called out again and we went to see what was going on and it was horrible there was blood everywhere and we had to deal with some guy who had claws and tried to rake us to pieces so we killed him with not claws but swords. then we went home and had a night in we watched a movie and had some popcorn which we all puked up later on. i had a look on the box and found out that the shop we brought it from selled it way past its sell by date so sam wasn't happy and complained about it and he was shouting at the manager over the phone and the rest of us just laughed.

The End

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