a sea of bodies in the cityMature

today we all got woken up by sam who wanted some breakfast so i made everyone some then went to take a shower. after that we heard a lot of people screaming in the city. we went to investigate the screaming and i stepped on a body and we looked down and at our feet was loads of dead bodies. we saw who the killer was and we went to challenge him, he looked up and smiled at us we snarled at him before changing into our wolf form. we charged at him and knocked him out then chew his body to pieces and burnt everything in a massive fire then we had our team clean up the bodies and we went home to have a shower as we was covered in the monsters blood it was disgusting. we then had some tea and i puked as a result of what i saw last night about the sea of bodies. we decided to do whatever we wanted to to do before getting called off again. so we had a nice drink whilst resting in the juccuzi. we did get called off again to save ravi from the hospital a mate of mine he was punched in the head and we had to make sure he was okay. he was okay and then went home we did the same and went to sleep as it was late. the next morning we didn't have time for any breakfast as we got a call of my brother telling me about his situation so we agreed to help him and traveled to where he was when we saw him he looked so scared so comforted him and dealt with the problem that we had. then we went home and decided to go to bed.

The End

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