reviving samMature

the next day i was woken up by a scream i jumped out of bed and rushed out into the living room and saw someone stab sam in the chest then everyone else came in and saw it too. jacob knocked the guy out and i got the bullet out of sam and healed him then carried him to the sofa and let him sleep for a while then i asked the guy what he thought he was doing and he told me about who had hired him to kill sam and i asked this guy where his boss was and he told me so i went off and killed the guy and dumped his body in a river. i came back and we let the guy go he was so pleased then i told everyone that it was okay. after when we had got over the shock i suggested that we go clubbing tonight and they all agreed on that so we got ready and we had a great time with lots of drinking and we came back and slept off the alcohol and i heard someone snoring but i was too out of it to care about who it was. in the morning we had some breakfast and stayed at home to watch some tele and waited for a call from someone asking for some help. we got that call later on from a guy who needed saving from my brother so we went and we saved him and we brought my brother back and we told him off for trying to hurt someone and he said he couldn't help it so we forgave him for it. then we went to get ready for bed as it was night time and we went to sleep even though it was early.

The End

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