under attackMature

that morning we was just eating breakfast when specially trained ops came in and pointed guns at us i pulled everyone to the floor and then knocked the people out. i made sure everyone was ok and then sam suggested we go do something fun so i suggested we go cliff diving they agreed and we went to the nearest beach and i went first to show them how to do it and then they copied me. it was so much fun and we really enjoyed it. then we went home and sat in the jacuzzi talking about things. sam suggested that we should have a barbeque that night so we did and it was great. but then the police came and knocked sam out and started beating him up and then put him in the back of the van where he was bound and gagged and he looked at me with desperate eyes i told him in his head that i would save him no matter what. then they took him away. as soon as they were gone i looked at a map in my head and tracked where they were going so the rest of us followed them and we saw them put sam in a cell. when everyone had gone home we snuck in and we found sam then i opened his cell and untied him then we drove him home and i watched him while he slept he looked peaceful. the next morning i cooked everyone breakfast. i had to tend to sams wounds as well so i did that and then went to work at a book store it was a great day we sold a lot of books so we was happy. i came home to find everyone watching tele i said hey and joined them.

The End

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