a trip to our hometownMature

we got a call from our agent that morning saying we could take the day off and have a barbeque with him in our hometown new york so we got dressed and went to see our agent. when we got their our agent told us congratulations we asked what for and he said for working so hard. but i had the feeling that wasn't just the reason we was here i told that to sam and the others and sam asked our agent why we was really here and he told us he didn't know what we meant and i told him about my gifts to feel the different reasons for being in a place and the fact that i could tell when someone was being lied to like us  and we had caught him out and he told us about this case he wanted us to do tomorrow we agreed and the next day we did it and then went back home to get some rest and to get back into the mood of things. we then went to bed. the next morning i made breakfast and a pot of tea for everyone and we went shopping today to get some gear. when we got back we got ready for a party tonight and we all had dates to go with, sam said that i looked beautiful and then we went in the limo and went to the party and was the best looking ones there. we came back a bit drunk and went to  bed to sleep off the alcohol. sam woke us up again this morning at 5am and i had hoped for a lie in i told sam off he loves it when i get angry with him about things like this i scowled at him.

The End

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