my second date with samMature

today sam said it was time for our second date and said it was another suprise so i went and got ready. i had a shower and put on my nicest dress with high heels and some make-up. when i was ready me and sam got into the back of our limo. we arrived at a cinema and we watched the new film dorian gray it was great and then we went for a bite to eat in a restaurant nearby. then sam took me for a walk by the lake and we sat on the bank and talked. jacob phoned sam asking if we was okay sam said yes in this really funny voice and i started laughing at it then sam hung up and laughed with me. then sam kissed me with such a great force it was so great i was left breathless by the kiss. then i kissed him back and we walked home holding hands. we came home and went to bed. the next morning sam woke me by setting off the smoke alarm i was very grumpy as was everyone else he made us breakfast and then told us to get training and no slacking. we said we would train if he joined us so he did and me and sam were pumping weights whilst jacob and paul did a few laps round the track when we'd finished sam kissed me and it was amazing jacob and paul rolled their eyes and we laughed and said they were welcome to have girlfriends and they went straight out to find one, giving us some time alone so we went in our jacuzzi and started kissing again only more passionately again i was left breathless and so was he this time and he said he loved me.

The End

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