a fight to the deathMature

today we went straight of to do a very dangerous job where a gang of vampires was sucking everyones blood so we went to meet them and we did try to stop them but they got to sam first, they sent sam flying backwards and then jacob and paul then me. i was the first to get up with several broken ribs and i sizzled them with my lightening power and then they were gone. i made sure that everyone was not that damaged but sam was in a terrible mess with his right side completely broken. i carried him home and put him in my bed so that he could heal. i cooked everyone some tea whilst we all heal properly. we was glad that we survived. we went to bed after tea to get a good nights sleep. the next morning we had some breakfast and i got a call from our agent telling us about a brand new case in mexico we agreed on it and complained a little about the heat but dressed  in light clothes. we got to mexico and this case was different as it was hotter and different creatures so we dealt with with some bats and came back home to find a important package at the door addressed to us so i took it in and we opened it and insied the box was a set of box sets about supernatural creatures which we needed so we knew if we had the right weapons with the right ammo. so we sat down and watched it with some popcorn. that night we went to bed early. sam knocked on the bedroom door and ended sleeping with me in my bed. we chatted a while before actually going to sleep we had fun in the bed.

The End

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