fire powerMature

this morning i got up and went outside to stretch with the feeling of getting a new power this morning and everyone else got up and saw me stretching then suddenly i set a tree on fire so that was the new power sam was staring at me in amazment so was jacob and paul i was quite suprised as well so i stayed outside to master the power and then i came inside and got dressed. sam asked what that was and i told him that it was the new power i had been expecting this morning he said it was brilliant. i went out with sam today and we sat in the park and sam said he'd always wanted a husky puppy so i told him to go home and that i would be back soon and he went home while i went to a kennel and picked the two husky puppies there then i went home and then sam saw them and he asked me if i would help him with the dogs and i said yes so we went to get some supplies and get them the injections. when we got back sam hugged me and said it was the best present he's had for a long time. i had to go out and take care of a few things whilst sam, jacob and paul took care of the dogs. i came back to find them bathing the dogs and the fact that they were soaked in bubbly water so i had to go help them with the shampooing well they seemed to like me as they let me wash them. sam was so jealous and i said that it took time to get them used to you sam just nodded and i laughed at him.

The End

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