saving samMature

when i got in sam was on the sofa there was blood everywhere and sam bleeding from a massive wound in his arm and his leg. i rushed to him and sam was glad to see me so i took at his wounds and i got the bullets and sam screamed in pain and then i healed his wounds and put him to bed to sleep he begged me to stay with him so i did. i went and got him some food and drink for him then he asked me to put the tele on so i did. jacob and paul came in later on to see how he is sams getting better slowly and jacob and paul went out for a while. sam was talking to me about what happened to him and i thought it was horrible for sam to go through that and i promised to never let that happen to him again he was still scared though and i could understand why he was still scared. later on when sam was fully recovered we watched a movie and we cuddled up together to watch it with paul and jacob. we had a great time and the movie was very scary and we like scary its good after that we went to bed and had a decent nights sleep for once which made a change. the next morning we had breakfast and had a job to take care of so we took care of that and knocked all the monsters out with a baseball bat and killed them with a second swipe. it was good as it let out all our anger from having to deal with the jobs and how we was the ones who had to sort it out it was so unfair god!

The End

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