i'm going out with samMature

sam made us breakfast for a change it was nice and then he arranged our first date a suprise for me so i wasn't allowed to know but i had job to do so i went and did my job of fighting a horrible monster so i knocked it out with a club and shot it killing it in an instant. then i went home and took a shower then got ready for my date with sam. in the other room sam was also having a shower and getting ready. sam was waiting for me and when i came out he said i looked beautiful and i said he looked good too he laughed. sam took me to a posh restaurant and we talked and ordered a meal and sam ordered some wine as well. we had a nice time and laughed a lot then sam took me for a walk in the park in the beautiful moonlight glow to the night and then we came back and went to bed. the next morning i rushed out the house to see my brother about some top secret business and we was chatting for ages about it but i had go home as there was an urgent situation with sam. so i left and went to get some supplies in case sam was hurt and then i went for a quick walk trying to decide whether to help him or not. jacob and paul called me at least a dozen times and i didn't answer them but then i heard what sam was thinking about how scared he was and how he thought he was going to die and i couldn't ignore it anymore so i rushed home to see what was the problem was and i was scared of what i saw.

The End

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