having a bad dayMature

today we had a bad day as my laptop packed up and i had to take in to get it sorted and the rest of us was lacking training in our fighting area. so they all practised and i went for a drive into town for a shopping trip where i saw one of our kind eating someone alive i was sick for a change but i had to stop him so i did and i actually saved a person but he was weak as the creature had drunk half his blood so we took him to the hospital where he would be safe for a while then sam turned up and asked what had happened i told him and he was suprised that i was sick. we went home and told everyone what had happenend they were so suprised about the suprise attack and i told them about how they knew i would be looking for them. then sam suggested that we should be more careful from now on i agreed with him and promised that i would look harder and try not to slip. this is the sort of thing that sam fears paul and jacob weren't as suprised as me and sam were they were just raiding the fridge. me and sam were just talking quietly between ourselves with some music on. we was talking about going out some time and then we talked about the situation today and we was very worried in case it happened again. then it was nightime and we went to bed. i got woken up by sam later he came into my bedroom to talk to me so we talked and he was so scared then he asked me to go out with him so i said yes and he was so happy.

The End

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