my brother working with usMature

so now my brother was working with us which was good as i've just seen something, a job for us which involved a gang of magic flesh eating shapeshifters so we went to the city centre with a baseball bat each and found the gang so we snuck up on them and knocked them out then we sent them back to their world. we went back for some lunch and went to work on our laptops and i was tracking down another brother of mine and i found him then we all went to see him and found out that he was one of us we was suprised about that and asked him what his diet was and he told us not to worry and said it was the same as ours we was glad about that he asked us what work we had been doing and we said various jobs involving the supernatural stuff. we stayed for a bit and had some tea. then we came home and showed my brother his new room and then we went to bed as we was tired but we didn't get much sleep as there was the noise of the birds all night trying to tell us something so i listened intensly and then told the rest of them what they had told me they said leave it till the morning so i did and i was the first one out the door to go and get the groceries. i came back and we then got called to a job so we wasn' t allowed any breakfast which was not great so we took care of the job and then we had some breakfast we then had nothing to do so we watched a movie with popcorn and coke like we did before.

The End

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