the flesh eating gang of shapeshiftersMature

the next morning we got woken up by a loud screaming outside we got dressed and went outside where there were a bunch of bodies at our feet, we stepped over them and saw what i ahd seen the night before that there was a gang of shapeshifters  we went over to them and they were drinking the bodies clean of blood and then they ate all the flesh as well leaving nothing but a skeleton. we knew what we had to do so we killed them with silver bullets we then went home and had some breakfast and decide to watch the tele. i got a call of my brother saying he was coming over so i said ok and made some tea for us all. my brother asked us if we would help him and seeing as we had nothing better to do so we agreed. my brother asked us to tackle the problem of blood sucking shapeshifters in his city he also said they ate small bits of flesh as well we laughed and said that sounded familiar so we went to his city with him and loaded some guns with silver bullets we gave one to my brother and then went of to shoot some flesh eating bloodsuckers we killed them all. then we went home and asked my brother if he would like to join us on our work in the gross supernatural stuff he agreed so he moved in with us and we had a barbeqaue to celebrate our hardwork so far in the city. we had a lot to drink and was a bit drunk so we went to bed to sleep it off as we couldn't be drunk when sorting out the city. we got up early and had some light breakfast.

The End

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